December 2, 2016

Torsion Spring Replacement

Torsion Spring Replacement Causes.

Torsion spring replacement is the most common service call known to the garage door repair service companies. Choosing the right torsion spring is necessary for the longevity of life you will get from spring. In addition it has a special correlation on the life of the garage door opener and garage cables.

torsion spring replacement

As we mentioned in our “Garage Door Opener” section, the torsion springs are the part of the garage door that unloads the weight. The torsion springs take all the weight and pressure from the garage opener. Therefore, based on the size and weight of the garage door, we must choose the right coil. By choosing the right size torsion springs, you will gain you a piece of mind for the long run.

The Right Company To Replace Your Torsion Springs.

We see very often garage doors with the wrong size of coil on the torsion spring. Mostly the technician or the customer in attempt to save money have used the wrong size spring. By doing so you may shortened the life of the spring by over 50%. Please make sure you choose the right garage repair company as it is a vital part of the garage movement.

Also, in areas where the weather gets below freezing, the torsion springs tend to be the weakest link. Therefore, they may break more rapidly in comparison to warmer areas such as southern California.

The Constant change of temperatures is known to weaken the torsion springs and for that reason they do break in a higher pace as warmer places.

We pride ourselves in using the best products and providing a high level of customer service and expertise, and for that reason we want to make sure we got you, our dear customer, covered and we can offer you a larger variety of solutions from different price point, so both you and us could be happy with the service.

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