December 2, 2016

Garage Tune Ups

The Importance Of Garage Tune Ups.

Now that you have chosen the right garage door for your home, lets discuss the detail. We have talked about all the options of the garage door opener and fitting the right torsion springs. Just like any moving parts machine and just like your car, your garage door will need a periodical check and garage tune ups.

Moreover, as mentioned in the previous part of torsion spring replacement the weather plays a big role in the durability of the parts. however, it also plays a major role in the total wear and tear of the mechanism.

In case that your garage door gets stuck, you may experience a variety if issues. First, either the cables have snapped or came off, or maybe the rollers broke and you have garage door off tracks.

garage tune ups


We do not recommend for anyone to attempt fixing the garage door alone. The garage door is very heavy and could act as a sharp object when involving the sharp tracks or broken cables. Garage door repair done by an amateur could cause serious injury.

How Do We Perform Garage Tune Ups?

First, when we approach garage tune ups, we release tension from the torsion springs so the door does not recoil. Then we often replace the cables, lube the right parts, and then putting back the tension on the torsion springs. A lot of experience is needed for those specific tasks and they are the most dangerous of all. In any point, the weight of the garage door could give in and drop on you. Moreover, even worse, it can find you or your hands at the wrong place and act as a sharp moving object.

In addition, when you neglect to service your garage door on time it builds up issues. Also, if you do not complete a full inspection and appropriate tune up, your garage door is bound to malfunction. In those cases you could find your door off tracks again. In addition,  one of your torsion springs could break after a short period of time. Last but not least, your garage door opener could also suffer some trauma.

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