November 13, 2016


Garage Doors:

The essence of our work is the garage door. We install new garage doors, while fixing and repairing existing doors.

There is a variety of garage doors to choose from, and each garage had different dimensions, so tailoring the right door and set up is vital for long term successful results.

Springs Replacement:

Probably the most common garage repair call we get. especially in cold weather locations it is know that torsion springs tend to fracture and break more often, the less elasticity, the more it is prone to snap.

using the right measurement springs for the size of your door, and using the highest grade for more projected cycles will increase the output of your springs sometimes by 300% more life.

Garage Door Opener:

There is a variety of garage door openers to choose from, and just as the torsion springs, using the correct horsepower to your door is the key.

Also, you could choose between belts and chains, while each option offers a different set of values to you.

Please consult with us to tailor the right garage door opener to your needs

Tune Up:

We use our garage door everyday, however, unlike our cars, we tend to overlook and forget the need of basic maintenance to the working parts.

lubrication and working rollers, while making sure the cables are also in good shape, could mean the different between replacing a fallen door, or a broken spring, to just tuning up the door because the sound seems to be odd.

Please call us @720-386-2345 any time for more information and professional help.

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