Garage Door Tune Up

The Many Benefits Of Periodical Garage Door Tune Up.

You may have not given a thought to it, but when was the last time you took care of your garage door? At Bronco Garage Door Service we offer a garage door maintenance solution to avoid surprise errors. When you get a periodical garage door tune up you get extra life out of it. In addition, by applying some grease and replacing worn parts of your garage door, you keep the larger parts safer. Our experience have shown us that a common error occurring while not getting a garage door tune up is broken cables. When your garage door cables break it could also affect your torsion springs and garage door opener. Also, when your garage cables break, the garage door can fall suddenly and hit a car and break.

garage door tune up

Garage Door Tune Up & Broken Torsion Springs.

Your garage cables is what connects the torsion springs and the garage door opener together. Your torsion springs is what creates enough tension to reduce the weight of the door from the cables and the garage opener. Therefore, when your garage door cables break, it is highly likely that your torsion springs or garage opener will also snap and break.

Garage Door Tune Up & Garage Door Opener.

In case you have not maintained your garage door and tuned it up, your operating parts will slow down. Therefore, more tension and stress would apply on your torsion springs, cables and garage opener. When your garage door opener takes too much pressure from the door movement, it could ultimately lead to a burnt motherboard. So, we advise to take care of your garage door just like you would tune up your car. You will definitely gain a longer life out of your garage door.

For more information about the various errors of a garage door please contact us. In addition, we offer same day garage door repair service around Denver and surrounding cities. We conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door condition and suggest the appropriate solutions. Please conduct a garage door troubleshooting at least once a year.

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